As families prepare for the Christmas season, there are many precautions home and business owners should consider to prevent adding pest control to their holiday preparations.  Before hanging mistletoe and decorating the tree, it’s smart to keep an eye out for signs of unwelcome pests. Some of the tips recommend for avoiding holiday by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) are shared below by our Envirosafe Pest Control Kissimmee office. These are great tips for preventing pests as Central Florida families gather for Christmas celebrations. This is from our Envirosafe Pest Control St. Cloud office and our Envirosafe Pest Control Clermont office.


Inspecting your holiday Christmas  decoration and tree
For many, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a decorated tree.  If homeowners decide on purchasing a freshly cut cedar for their house or business, the tree should be inspected on outdoors before bringing the holiday spirit into their homes. Dayton Rogers with our Envirosafe Pest Control Winter Park office warns of the unwanted pest problems that may arise out of freshly cut trees. Said Rogers “homeowner will bring a Christmas Tree inside without checking for bugs, they should inspect tree in their yards before doing so”.  Dayton Rogers says folks should inspect the tree for infestations of spiders, insect eggs, and other pests before bringing tree inside.  Same goes for wreaths, and garlands he advises. Its also a good practice to shake out any of these fresh cut natural decorations before taking them in the home or business. We had a customer call our Envirosafe Pest Control Winter Garden office a couple weeks before Christmas in 2016 panicked because she found a black widow in her tree. Don’t let spiders ruin your Christmas.


Keep the firewood piles and debris away from structures 
The fireplace is often though of as a cozy place to gather with family during the Christmas season.  The fireplace is warm and comfortable. It’s also a place where many pests hitchhike their way in on firewood. Be on the lookout for firewood infested with spiders, ants, and other occasional invaders that infest firewood. Josh Allman with Envirosafe Pest Control Longwood recommends keeping firewood elevated and off the ground at a place that is well away from the home itself.


Use caution with boxes from the attic with decorations. 
It’s always smart to go through boxes and inspect Christmas ornaments as you unpack them. Always unpack ornaments, signs, lights, and other boxed and stored Christmas decorations on the outside of your homes.  Often mice, silverfish, and other pests have infested them since last Christmas. Many times our office with Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando has received calls from customers panicked over a mouse jumping out of a Christmas Decoration box.  Additionally, after Christmas, your holiday decorations should be repacked and stored in sealed plastic containers. Avoid cardboard boxes or and other paper bags and don’t forget to keep them in a dry place. A dry attic is preferred over a damp basement or crawlspace. We had a customer last year call our Envirosafe Pest Control Ocoee office about camel crickets invading her Christmas ornament box. As our technician arrived and inspected her crawl space. There was standing water where her ornament boxes were stored in the low end of her crawl space.


Check your pantry for pests before the holidays 
Envirosafe Pest Control Altamonte Springs recommends families inspect the expiration dates on packages and dry food items including dog, food, pasta, bird seed, grains, cereals, oatmeal etc and inspect for holes in unsealed packages and boxes. Also inspect expiration dates on these food items and dispose in a timely manner to avoid pests like granary weevils and indian meal moths. Placing bay leaves in storage containers is a deterrent of pantry pest infestations.


Call in a professional at Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando
If you suspect or notice signs of an unwanted pest infestation, such as rodent droppings, spiders, egg sacs, and other insects, please call Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando promptly.  As the very best pest management professional exterminator in Central Florida we can solve all your holiday creepy crawler problems quickly and efficiently with our eco-friendly pest control treatments. You can rest assured your holiday season is pest free with Envirosafe Pest Control.


christmas mouse Orlando Pest Control


many of brown winged termite on floor

After the flood waters receded in greater Orlando, we were left with a plethora of Water Bugs (American Cockroaches) which were forced out of City drains and looking for new places to infest. It’s officially fall now in Central Florida. Not typically the time of year panicked home and business owners call a pest control exterminator with reports of swarming termites. Termites typically swarm in February and March in here in Central Florida. However, nothing has been normal in recent weeks for Orlando residents. Added to the hardships caused by Hurricane Irma are dozens of Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando customers calling in with reports of finding swarming termites by the hundreds in and around their Orlando homes. As most are already aware, Termites cost Florida homeowners millions of dollars in damages each year. We at Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando are not really sure why this fall termite swarming phenomenon has occurred this time of year but we suspect the hurricane and flooding it brought to our area somehow changed the environmental conditions to mimic the triggers that they swarm to in February and March. Spring swarming typically occurs on a warm sunny evening following rain showers.  Seeing termite swarmers means there is a colony in our around your home. They are often the first indicator of an infestation and a warning sign that should be taken seriously. If you see anything resembling “ants with wings”, this fall, it could be swarming termites. Call our office immediately at 407-580-7124.


How to tell the difference between flying ants and Termites?


Many of our customers at Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando make the mistake of misidentifying termites for flying ants. And, this a mistake that is very easy to make.  Dayton Rogers or Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando suggests you look very closely at the specimen. “Termites does not have distinct body parts”, said Rogers. “Termites have a wide waist, whereas ants have a pinched waist”. Other differences are Termites have straight antennae whereas ants have elbowed antennae.  


Rogers also says Termites are attracted to lights. Also, if you spot insect wings in your window sills, it is likely termites. Termite swarmers lose their wings and they break off relatively quickly.


If you suspect you may have termites, call Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando to do the termite inspection.

Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando can monitor and protect your home year around. We specialize in Termite Treatments and can recommend the best Termite Control options available for your home or business situation. Feel free to call our office to learn more.

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After 26 years in business,  Envirosafe Pest Control settles into Central Florida. With offices in Charlotte NC, Belmont NC, and Rock hill SC, and a satellite office in Huntersville,  Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando has brought their success to Central Florida to protect property and health from nuisance pests such as drywood termites, subterranean termites, fleas, mice and rats, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes and many others.

The company opened in Orlando earlier this month and plans to make the Orlando office its corporate headquarters.  Envirosafe Pest Control — awarded with South Carolina’s Pioneer in Green Services by The South Carolina Pest Association in 2015 is the stand alone provider of green and  organic pest control services in the greater Charlotte NC area.  Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando — will serve Orange, Seminole, and Osceola Counties in Florida with immediate expansion to Vero Beach in early 2018 and plans to expand to The Villages Florida within two years. .

“We chose Central Florida because of the climate and heavy pest pressure,” said President and CEO Rodney Allman, who moved to the decision to decide on Orlando several years ago while vacationing at Walt Disney World with his family. “Areas where pests are active year around can also be somewhat brutal in terms of weather temperature but our guys are looking forward to all the challenges a Florida climate brings to our bussines.”

Envirosafe Pest Control, which employs about 30 people between its locations, hopes to eventually launch in other areas of Florida including Vero Beach and The Villages. Three employees so far have relocated to Orlando from the Belmont NC office and Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando plans to hire more than a dozen local Orlando Florida area employees in the coming year. Positions will span from field technicians to an office manager. Allman says much of his role is as a marketing expert for his many companies. Allman spends countless hours each week manipulating his 30 plus websites so they rank atop the corresponding cities and categories. “I have developed a systematic approach to SEO strategies that respond very well to search engine algorithms”, said Allman. “Our phone rings off the hook and business is booming.”  Allman started Envirosafe in 1994 after working for a national pest control competitor for 2 years. “My wife Patty started cold calling customers in the beginning and I went door-to-door picking up customers,” said Allman, whose son, Josh Allman and Cousin Dayton Rogers will work in the Orlando Florida market. “That was really the only advertising we did back then said Allman, It was a lot of persistence and never giving up”. Envirosafe Pest Control — was named when Allman combined his pest control company with his environmental firm in the late 90’s. His other companies perform services such as asbestos abatement, lead paint abatement, underground storage tank removal, demolition, mold remediation and crawl space services. Envirosafe Pest Control is known for their dedication to green initiatives and organic pest control solutions. Envirosafe Pest Control has found a niche in providing natural pest control services that are safe for pets, families, and homes.


Envirosafe Pest Control has also been growing with their asbestos abatement, environmental survey business, hoarding business, and sanitation services. “Regardless of what we are doing, quality of service is what we pride ourselves on, and we feel we’re bringing something the residents of Central Florida have not seen before,” said Allman.

Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando

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The Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando Difference.


For over decades Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando has provided the safest and most reliable pest control service experience you will find anywhere in Central Florida. We pride ourselves in providing pest control that is safe for your home, family, and pets. We love our customers and our job. Protecting health and property is what we do best. We offer organic and natural pest control solutions and do so in convenient packages that protect you and your family all year long.

Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando is a fourth generation Pest Control Company. Our founder, Clearance Herron Sr. (rest in peace) was a World War II veteran and a graduate of the University of Florida where he studied entomology.  We are the grandsons, and great-grandsons of Clearance Herron Sr. We are a proud family business that strives to continue to implement the character, great service, and customer satisfaction that our company was founded on. We are proud to continue our tradition of being the most trusted and most reliable pest control service in Central Florida.  We are Orlando’s number one provider of pest control services that are safe through our highly trained, friendly technicians who are responsive and proactive in their integrated pest management approach. We go above and beyond for our customers and our results are guaranteed.  When you choose Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando,  you’re choosing the best in pest control available.

Why We’re The Best:


Year Around Protection: When you sign up for one of Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando’s year-round Pest Protection Packages, you’ll have continual peace of mind and protection for pests that could harm health or property. We provide protection through our popular Three Zone Protection Plan under one of our package umbrellas.  


Guaranteed guard against termites: Our Termite Treatment Plans utilize Termidor and are the best treatment available to ensures termites stay gone.

Highly Trained Technicians: Our licensed technicians use the most effective and up-to-date pest control methodologies available.

Peace of mind:  We have been taking care of customers in Central Florida for decades. We are 4th generation exterminators. Hiring Orlando Pest Control will give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve by assuring you have the safest, most knowledgeable pest control technicians and pest control service available.

Environmentally Conscious:  Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando strives to encourage green initiatives and natural organic programs. Our highly trained technicians take an integrated pest management (IPM) and green practices approach. This has become our niche in Central Florida as a stand-alone provider of these types of green programs.

Guarantee: We provide guaranteed results and strive to remain the best Pest Control Company in Orlando. If you feel like your service wasn’t performed to our standards, please let us know and we will make it right.

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Orlando Pest Control

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If you have pests problems in Central Florida, Orlando Pest Control has solutions that are safe for your home or business.  Orlando Pest Control takes pride in performing natural and environmentally responsible techniques to protect your home, family, and business safe with protecting your property from nuisance pests.  We implement integrated pest management strategies that focus on identifying, removing and controlling pests with minimal use of chemical applications. When chemicals are required, we use those approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in the lowest applications possible to effectively control pests.

Natural and Environmentally Safe Pest Control Services

Orlando Pest Control use techniques that identify and control pests insects common to Central Florida including termites, ants, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, cockroaches and spiders. We also treat for bedbugs, fleas and rodents. We begin by identifying the pests that are causing a problem. For example, Florida is home to more than 200 species of ants. Although most ants are not harmful to humans or pets, some can damage property. Others sting or bite, which can cause allergic reactions or pain. Proper identification is required to devise an effective eradication strategy.

Integrated pest management uses a multi-step process to identify pests, where they enter a building and their nesting and feeding sites. We then devise an eradication strategy. Eliminating breeding grounds and food sources reduces re-infestation.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management controls pests and prevents infestation both indoors and outdoors. Eliminating outdoor breeding and nesting places deters rodents, ants, mosquitoes, termites and other insects from entering buildings. Our technicians identify areas that should be cleared or repaired. Removing debris such as old tires and leaf litter makes the area more attractive and removes breeding grounds.

Rather than covering the yard with chemicals, we recommend keeping the landscape healthy. Blanket pesticide coverage can harm the environment and affect “good” insects such as ladybugs and mantids. Instead, we apply products where needed that have less negative effect on the environment. Products such as pyrethrins, bacterial insecticides and baits, should be used as part of a comprehensive management plan by a professional service.

We also check around the building’s foundation for cracks or other entry places. We recommend storing wood away from the main structure to prevent access to the interior by termites, ants and rodents. Keeping gutters free of leaves and eliminating standing water removes breeding grounds for mosquitoes. We use baits for pests such as fire ants that are difficult to eradicate.

Indoors, we identify breeding and nesting sites. Cockroaches, ants and termites rely on water sources for breeding and nesting. We check under sinks and around pipes for leaks. We also use moisture detection devices to identify hidden pockets of water.

We use baits and gels as part of a pest control program. When necessary, we will apply products that kill insects or disrupt the breeding cycle of insects and rodents. We use products that minimize disruption to the environment.

About Orlando Pest Control

Since 1970, Orlando Pest Control has provided Central Florida, and Greater Orlando with pest control solutions that protect people and property while performing these services with green pest control strategies and natural solutions.  We are licensed, insured and the most trusted pest control provider in Central Florida.. Call (407) 580-7124 for a free phone quote for your home or business.



Are you finding organized trails of nuisance ants making their way into your home or business ? The Camponotus species of carpenter ants are wood-destroying insects that commonly infest Florida structures. The infestations indoors are satellite nests, while the parent nest is outside.

Camponotus tend to attack wood that has been weakened by moisture first, because they need a moist, humid environment for their nests. Piles of wood shavings are an indicator of a nearby nest. The following are considered likely conditions for carpenter ant infestations:

  • Voids around windows
  • Honeydew-producing Homopterous insects: Aphids, scale, etc.
  • Power or telephone lines, overhanging branches and vines touching the house
  • Woodpiles
  • Adjacent areas to leaks or water damage
  • Gutters that have not been cleaned
  • Poorly ventilated attics, crawl spaces or other voids

Carpenter ants infest structures by trailing to it, either across the ground or by using a bridge such as a tree limb or power line.  Once we find the access point, in addition to cutting back limbs, we create a treatment zones and take care of underlying conditions if possible. We try to treat the indoor nest site with your first. The ants will emerge in mass if we have a successful application.

There are several methods of treatment we consider:

  • Labeled dusts, crack and crevice products, and foams.
  • We use Non-repellents sprays use the ant’s biology against itself, and intoxicated workers spread the into the colony through touch.
  • Labeled baits for carpenter ants include, but are not limited to: Advion® Ant Gel, Advance® Granular Carpenter Ant Bait, Maxforce® Carpenter Ant Bait Gel, Maxforce® Complete Brand Granular Insect Bait and others. They should not be accessible to children, pets, non-target animals, food and food contact surfaces.
  • Labeled dusts or foggers are appropriate for treating attics and crawl spaces.

We trails across the ground to block the point of entry into your home or busines. We treat edges of sidewalks, buildings, etc. with non-repellent, transfer products, such as Alpine®, Arilon®, Transport® & Termidor®.

Carpenter ants actively feed on honeydew secretions from homopterous insects such as aphid and scale. Controlling these insects help to prevent a carpenter ant problem in the structure. If a tree is the issue, we often apply a band of pyrethroid granules (Bifen®, DeltaGard G®, Demand G® and Talstar®) to the base of the tree to cut off a nest site in the tree.

Orlando Pest Control provides service for Pest Control including ants, spiders, bed bugs, roaches, mice, fleas, yellow jackets, bees and wasps and ticks.

We have expanded our business to Apopka, Winter Garden, Winter Park, St. Cloud FL, Kissimmee, and Altamonte Springs.

Orlando Termite Inspections and Reports


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Humid summer weather draws out the bugs in your home.  A single household can contain up to over 99 different species of insect pests, according to study performed by the Orlando Orange County University of Florida UF/IFAS Extention.  Orlando Florida UF/Extention Pests/Bugs.    

Many of these unwanted bugs and pests are not only unwelcome guests, they’re also pests you may have never heard of. Please see Orlando Pest Control’s Occasional Invader Page on our Orlando Pest Control and Orange County Florida Pest Management Page.

Most homeowners searching for a quality Pest Control firm in Orlando have heard of Spiders, ants and fire ants, mosquitoes, Orlando area mice and rats that need control, and stinging insects like bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets, however many have never heard of some of the occasional invaders that we will discuss.

Number one on our list of pests you and your family could be living with is the silverfish. This silverish grey lurker lives in dark moist areas of your home such as as damp basements and in bathrooms. Some actually live and survive Florida Summers in dry attics and will cause damage to books, stored documents, and even cloth items. Silverfish feed on dead insects, cellulose materials shampoo, silk, and linen according to Rodney Allman of Orlando Pest Control in Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida. Silverfish love moist clothes, books, newspapers, and old documents that may be important.



The second pest is the Kissing Bug. Regardless of the insinuation of romance in the name, locking your lips with the mouth parts of a Kissing Bug could be the kiss of death. According to the National Pest Management Association, Kissing Bugs may cause the fatal Chagas disease from the parasite they carry – Trypanosoma cruzi. For more information on Kissing Bugs and the ones we ironically found in, Kissimmee Florida of all places, see our website at Orlando Pest Control. 

kissing bug


Another common pest in Orlando and Orange County area homes is the fungus gnat. According to the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, fungus gnats are a major problem around house plants.  The fungus gnat feeds on decaying matter from plants, fungus. Fungus gnats thrive in moist soil around plants. Most recently fungus gnats have become a major urban destructive pest in the Western United States in marijuana plants.

fungus gnat


The last of our Orlando Pest unwanted visitors in the Fruit Fly. Fruit flies increase in the summer as many of our Florida fruits ripen. Fruit Flies feed on ripe fruit and vegetables and lay their eggs in fermenting foods and liquids and in standing stagnant water.

fruit fly


Orlando Pest Control believes in being the most knowledgeable, most dependable, safest and most environmentally conscious pest control company in the Florida. These qualities capture the essence of who we are. We provide pest control services, bed bug control, termite letters, mosquito control programs and much more in the following areas of Central Florida including all of Orange County and Osceola County…

Orange County Pest Control
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Kissimmee Pest Control
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Maitland Pest Control
Ocoee Pest Control
Windermere Pest Control
Oakland Pest Control
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Yellowjackets and hornets pose threats to our customers in Orlando (Central Florida), Charlotte NC, and Winston Salem NC. Our phone has rang off the hook this July at our office in Orlando located of 9064 Dowden Rd # 03310 Orlando Florida 32827 as panicked customers have called in with their horror stories about being chased and stung by yellowjackets and hornets. We have heard several stories of pets experiencing life threatening and dangerous encounters. For information on treatment options call our office at 407-580-7124 or see our website Orlando Pest Control 

Many consider hornets and yellow jackets as the bullies of the insect kingdom. These stinging, flying insects ruin backyard barbecues, family outings, and any other summertime outdoor activity with their aggressive appetite for picnic food, fruit and sodas.. They sting thousands of Americans every year, killing up several dozens through anaphylactic shock. This weekend, one of them stung me three times in the face as I walked out of a bathroom in Ocean Lake Campground in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. What an asshole, right? No, not me, the yellow jacket.


I’ve always wondered what’s up with hornets and yellow jackets that makes them so vicious in mid-summer?

It turns out that, like many humans’ bad behavior, the wasps’ assholishness can be traced back to their families.


Many of the hornet and yellowjacket species that sting us are social insects. Unlike solitary insects such as carpenter bees, social insects live in colonies, where hordes of sterile female workers tend to their younger sisters and fertile mother. As living incarnations of Ayn Rand’s nightmares, these social insects do everything for the good of the colony.

But unlike human socialists (and unlike distantly related honeybees), hornets and yellow jackets must start their colonies from scratch every year. In spring, a young queen emerges from winter dormancy and builds a new nest by herself out of wood pulp and spit. Her lonely labor continues until she’s raised her first brood of worker daughters, which dutifully take over caring for the next rounds of eggs, larvae, and pupae. And there are many next rounds: A colony of hornets or yellow jackets may grow to 1,000 workers, says President and CEO of Orlando Pest Control – Rodney Allman. Although you wouldn’t know it in the beginning of summer says Allman.

Until midsummer, most human and wasp encounters happen because people disturb the nest. Many of these disturbances are by accident by homeowners inadvertently mowing over yellowjacket nests or by trimming shrubs which harbor hornet nests. Bald-faced hornets like building their nests in trees, under the eaves of houses, and in shrubs, while paper wasps favor exposed beams. Yellow jackets can be particularly troublesome: They build their homes inside the walls of our homes, as well as holes in the ground—often where people walk and mow grass. “I’ve personally disturbed their nests” while perimeter pest control treatments for quarterly customers, says  Rodney Allman. Which required a lot of running away, he continues, because “they’ll follow you a lot longer than honeybees.” They’ll also sting you a lot more than honeybees, thanks to their smooth, venomous stinger, which doesn’t get stuck in your skin after one thrust like a bee’s barbed stinger.


July, August, and September have the most yellow jacket stings because the offspring have developed into adults, and as adults, they spend every hour of daylight foraging for sugary foods that give them a quick boost of energy. Sugary foods like ice cream, soda—and fallen fruit that is fermenting. Many of these foraging excursions inherently cross paths with humans who are enjoying outdoor barbeques, picnics, and events such as festivals, theme parks and other activities involving both humans and the aforementioned food items these stinging insects seek.


I’ve read that fermenting plant sap will cause hornets and yellowjackets to be inebriated. Although we really shouldn’t begrudge them a drink – these workers have devoted their brief lives to serving queen and colony, and they will all die of cold and old age by Thanksgiving. Only the mated queens will survive the winter huddled behind house siding and beneath rotting logs, waiting until spring returns to start the whole cycle over again.

Not many can wait for the icy hand of death to squash these stinging picnic thieves. In fact there is hardly any offseason for our Florida customers. Rarely Orlando will see a night with below 32 degree temps. A few things homeowners can do to avoid stings is to keep an eye out for their nests. Be vigilant when working around shrubs and landscaping where there is pine straw and bushes. Additionally, keep food and garbage in tightly sealed containers and be prepared to flee if multiple insects start attacking.

While you’re running for your life, bear in mind that this is only temporary. Unlike us road-raging, Twitter-trolling, lion-shooting humans, hornets and yellow jackets are only assholes for part of the year. But I understand that can be hard to remember—especially if one of them just stung your cheek.      

Orlando wasps, yellowjacket, and hornet control

IMG_6264Envirosafe Pest Control located at 1800 Camden Road in Charlotte NC opens new office in Orlando Florida. Orlando Pest Control located at 9064 Dowden Road #03310 Orlando Florida 32827 407-580-7124

This office will be an extension of our Charlotte office and will bring our environmentally safe pest control services to a Florida market that is in need of a pest control service that provides organic, environmental, and natural pest solutions.