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We found this terror of an infestation in a Charlotte home. Envirosafe Pest Control Charlotte Pest Control & Bed Bug Exterminator We were initially called out for ants in the kitchen and found a massive infestation of this pest in the garage. Guess the pest correctly and win an Envirosafe T-Shirt. Winner must live in our service area of Gaston, York, and Mecklenburg Counties. We will also have contests at our Orlando Florida office. Envirosafe Pest Control & Bed Bug Exterminator of Orlando FL

What’s up with Charlotte? For the third time this month we’ve received a call about rats in a Charlotte resident’s toilet. Rats are creepy, but when they invade the smallest room in our house via plumbing pipes connected to the toilet, it’s enough to make anyone feel violated.  The sewer rat, aka Norway rat, swims like a fish and is commonly known to invade toilets in big cities, but rarely do we get calls about this happening in the Queen City.

There have been no major events such as significant rain, construction, or other environmental factors that we are aware of that would cause such a sewer to bathroom invasion. Our clients are panicked and with good reason. Our rodent service includes sanitizing harborage areas of the structures rats are invading and we hit the crawl space of this home with anti-microbial because there were dead rats there too, but the source of the problem was ultimately traced to the city sewer lines. It’s understandable how this real life terror with toilet infesting sewer rats has turned our client’s life upside down. She shared a few nightmares she’s had at night about her toilet rats and after I sent my nephew, Storm Davis, into enemy rat territory armed only with a Swiss Army knife, respirator, shovel, and a pair of nads, I would opine his dreams may likewise be not so sweet tonight.

Storm Davis of Envirosafe posing with what we lovingly refer to as small game trophies. 

– Rodney Allman

CIE, Envirosafe Environmental Services

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Flea Pre-Treatment Checklist

  • Remove all items from floor including toys, clothes and pet balls
  • Vacuum all areas of home including baseboards, furniture including under all cushions and pillows and make sure customer puts the vacuum bags in the outdoor trash can.
  • Mop all tile and wood floors
  • Wash all pet bedding in hottest water possible
  • Bath pets
  • Cover fish tanks and unplug pumps
  • Customer must evacuate home for one hour after completion of treatment