Summertime Pest Invaders take over Orlando Florida

Posted: July 14, 2017 in Charlotte Pest Control, Orlando Bed Bug Pest Exterminator, Orlando Pest Control, Orlando Pest Exterminator



Humid summer weather draws out the bugs in your home.  A single household can contain up to over 99 different species of insect pests, according to study performed by the Orlando Orange County University of Florida UF/IFAS Extention.  Orlando Florida UF/Extention Pests/Bugs.    

Many of these unwanted bugs and pests are not only unwelcome guests, they’re also pests you may have never heard of. Please see Orlando Pest Control’s Occasional Invader Page on our Orlando Pest Control and Orange County Florida Pest Management Page.

Most homeowners searching for a quality Pest Control firm in Orlando have heard of Spiders, ants and fire ants, mosquitoes, Orlando area mice and rats that need control, and stinging insects like bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets, however many have never heard of some of the occasional invaders that we will discuss.

Number one on our list of pests you and your family could be living with is the silverfish. This silverish grey lurker lives in dark moist areas of your home such as as damp basements and in bathrooms. Some actually live and survive Florida Summers in dry attics and will cause damage to books, stored documents, and even cloth items. Silverfish feed on dead insects, cellulose materials shampoo, silk, and linen according to Rodney Allman of Orlando Pest Control in Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida. Silverfish love moist clothes, books, newspapers, and old documents that may be important.



The second pest is the Kissing Bug. Regardless of the insinuation of romance in the name, locking your lips with the mouth parts of a Kissing Bug could be the kiss of death. According to the National Pest Management Association, Kissing Bugs may cause the fatal Chagas disease from the parasite they carry – Trypanosoma cruzi. For more information on Kissing Bugs and the ones we ironically found in, Kissimmee Florida of all places, see our website at Orlando Pest Control. 

kissing bug


Another common pest in Orlando and Orange County area homes is the fungus gnat. According to the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, fungus gnats are a major problem around house plants.  The fungus gnat feeds on decaying matter from plants, fungus. Fungus gnats thrive in moist soil around plants. Most recently fungus gnats have become a major urban destructive pest in the Western United States in marijuana plants.

fungus gnat


The last of our Orlando Pest unwanted visitors in the Fruit Fly. Fruit flies increase in the summer as many of our Florida fruits ripen. Fruit Flies feed on ripe fruit and vegetables and lay their eggs in fermenting foods and liquids and in standing stagnant water.

fruit fly


Orlando Pest Control believes in being the most knowledgeable, most dependable, safest and most environmentally conscious pest control company in the Florida. These qualities capture the essence of who we are. We provide pest control services, bed bug control, termite letters, mosquito control programs and much more in the following areas of Central Florida including all of Orange County and Osceola County…

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