Keep Pests out this holiday season.

Posted: November 25, 2017 in Charlotte Pest Control

As families prepare for the Christmas season, there are many precautions home and business owners should consider to prevent adding pest control to their holiday preparations.  Before hanging mistletoe and decorating the tree, it’s smart to keep an eye out for signs of unwelcome pests. Some of the tips recommend for avoiding holiday by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) are shared below by our Envirosafe Pest Control Kissimmee office. These are great tips for preventing pests as Central Florida families gather for Christmas celebrations. This is from our Envirosafe Pest Control St. Cloud office and our Envirosafe Pest Control Clermont office.


Inspecting your holiday Christmas  decoration and tree
For many, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a decorated tree.  If homeowners decide on purchasing a freshly cut cedar for their house or business, the tree should be inspected on outdoors before bringing the holiday spirit into their homes. Dayton Rogers with our Envirosafe Pest Control Winter Park office warns of the unwanted pest problems that may arise out of freshly cut trees. Said Rogers “homeowner will bring a Christmas Tree inside without checking for bugs, they should inspect tree in their yards before doing so”.  Dayton Rogers says folks should inspect the tree for infestations of spiders, insect eggs, and other pests before bringing tree inside.  Same goes for wreaths, and garlands he advises. Its also a good practice to shake out any of these fresh cut natural decorations before taking them in the home or business. We had a customer call our Envirosafe Pest Control Winter Garden office a couple weeks before Christmas in 2016 panicked because she found a black widow in her tree. Don’t let spiders ruin your Christmas.


Keep the firewood piles and debris away from structures 
The fireplace is often though of as a cozy place to gather with family during the Christmas season.  The fireplace is warm and comfortable. It’s also a place where many pests hitchhike their way in on firewood. Be on the lookout for firewood infested with spiders, ants, and other occasional invaders that infest firewood. Josh Allman with Envirosafe Pest Control Longwood recommends keeping firewood elevated and off the ground at a place that is well away from the home itself.


Use caution with boxes from the attic with decorations. 
It’s always smart to go through boxes and inspect Christmas ornaments as you unpack them. Always unpack ornaments, signs, lights, and other boxed and stored Christmas decorations on the outside of your homes.  Often mice, silverfish, and other pests have infested them since last Christmas. Many times our office with Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando has received calls from customers panicked over a mouse jumping out of a Christmas Decoration box.  Additionally, after Christmas, your holiday decorations should be repacked and stored in sealed plastic containers. Avoid cardboard boxes or and other paper bags and don’t forget to keep them in a dry place. A dry attic is preferred over a damp basement or crawlspace. We had a customer last year call our Envirosafe Pest Control Ocoee office about camel crickets invading her Christmas ornament box. As our technician arrived and inspected her crawl space. There was standing water where her ornament boxes were stored in the low end of her crawl space.


Check your pantry for pests before the holidays 
Envirosafe Pest Control Altamonte Springs recommends families inspect the expiration dates on packages and dry food items including dog, food, pasta, bird seed, grains, cereals, oatmeal etc and inspect for holes in unsealed packages and boxes. Also inspect expiration dates on these food items and dispose in a timely manner to avoid pests like granary weevils and indian meal moths. Placing bay leaves in storage containers is a deterrent of pantry pest infestations.


Call in a professional at Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando
If you suspect or notice signs of an unwanted pest infestation, such as rodent droppings, spiders, egg sacs, and other insects, please call Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando promptly.  As the very best pest management professional exterminator in Central Florida we can solve all your holiday creepy crawler problems quickly and efficiently with our eco-friendly pest control treatments. You can rest assured your holiday season is pest free with Envirosafe Pest Control.


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