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Rest in peace. This mouse died quickly and painlessly. If you have a problem with mice, call Envirosafe Pest Control today.  Charlotte or Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando – Mice and Rat Control.

One of the most common spiders here in Gaston County are the Carolina Wolf Spiders. See picture below of the one I found in the floor of my home. ..

Carolina Wolf Spider on the floor of my home

Most people are not concerned with these scary looking creatures because many folks are under the misconception that the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse are the only two spiders that produce venom; and therefore believe they are the only two spiders that will bite. WRONG!  Many spiders will bite you, and ALL SPIDERS are venomous!!!  Notice the difference between the markings on the Carolina Wolf Spider compared to the more venomous Brown Recluse Spider. Picture below in order are the Brown Recluse Spider, Picture of a Brown Recluse Bite, and picture of a common black widow we found in a rodent station box here in Belmont.

Brown Recluse Spider – Notice the fiddle shaped marking on TOP

Brown Recluse Bite – Severe damage because tissue is killed by the venom and will not hill back

Black Widow Spider – Notice the orange hour glass on the BOTTOM of the abdomen. Much unlike the Brown Recluse which has identifying markings on TOP

Fact is most all spiders produce venom. We are lucky that many of the smaller spiders with small mouth parts are not capable of piercing our skin. However, most all spiders with an abdomen bigger than the size of a pea can and will bite us and inject venom with those bites. Most literature on spiders claim than these “non deadly” spider bites are similar in nature to a pin-prick or bee sting and state that the venom usually is not dangerous to humans. Out of curiosity, I decided to let a large carolina wolf spider bite me to see how the sting compared to what BASF’s Spider Guide suggested was similar to a pin prick. HOLY HELL, the bite was analogous to being stabbed with a dagger and the ensuing pain was way worse than any bee sting I’ve ever encountered. And trust me when I say that I’ve had a ton of wasp, yellow jacket, and hornet stings. I’ve even let non poisonous snakes bury their fangs in my arm and  NOTHING compares to the pain of this spider bite!!!! Throbbing, high intensity punishment that brought tears to my eyes!!!!! The venom seemed to kill only my top layer of skin and below is a picture exactly one week after I let the spider bite me.

Fall is the time when many outdoor species including that Carolina Wolf Spider make their way into our homes for overwintering harborage. Be aware that any spider is capable of biting you especially those larger size spider species and remember ALL spiders have venomous poison. Something else to be aware of is even though my Carolina Wolf Spider bite healed relatively  fast, many folks with hypersensitivity could have nasty wounds that may or may not heal over time. Another concern would be that bacteria could be injected with and compound the severity of the spider bite. … SEE BELOW, AND Check out our seven websites for more information on my firm, Envirosafe, and the services that we offer. Spider calls this month have been incredible and our service technicians perform several preventative jobs a day for spiders to protect property and health.

My spider bite from a Carolina Wolf Spider after one week – notice how only the outer skin died from the venom

It’s been years since any significant portion of our business has been Termite Pre-Treatments on new construction. Since the housing market nose dived several years ago, the business we get from Pre-Treatments has been few and far between. For example, in 1999, Envirosafe performed over $60,000 in Soil Pre-Treatments for builders. Compared to a dismal $9,000 in 2010. Additionally at one time, we performed all the treatments for modular home row on Hwy 21 in Rock Hill. These businesses were Oakwood Homes, Luv Homes, and several others. All have since went belly up vacant lots stand where these businesses once stood. Thankfully today the Environmental Business we do including asbestos, radon, lead paint, mold, underground storage tanks etc, more more than makes up for the business we lost when the housing market crashed. Residential and commercial pest control accounts continue to thrive for us, but we have not recovered in the area of soil pre-treatments for termites. However, reports from the National Pest Management Association look promising and today we did a 12,000 square foot building in Lancaster South Carolina. Pre-treatments are easy money and good repeat business. It felt good getting back to what got us on the map in the first place. I left out at 6:30 this morning because the builder needed us there early. Nice fall morning doing work we haven’t seen much of over the past couple years. Hopefully this portion of our business will come back like it was in our glory days of doing several pre-treatments a week.

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Sadly, this funny video of a termite letter being forged has happened to us when a Charlotte Real Estate Agent forged one of our (WDIR) Wood Destroying Insect Reports in an attempt to update a six month old report. We thought this video to be hilarious and thought we would share it with the pest control industry and followers of our blog.

Stink Bug


If you think you’re the only one who is seeing an influx of stink bugs this fall, you’re not alone.

This portion of North Carolina is beginning to feel the effects of a new insect pest: the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. The bug is an insect not previously seen in this area and was apparently accidentally introduced into eastern Pennsylvania in 2001 from Asia.

Since 2001, the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs have been slowly increasing their range outward from Pennsylvania and have made their large scale arrival in northwestern North Carolina.

“They are spreading from where they were introduced and can build up to a high population, and your area is getting just the beginning of some high population of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs,” said Jack Bacheler, professor and extension department leader at N.C. State University. “If people think they’re seeing a lot this year, it will probably only increase over the next few years.”

Unlike the several stink bug species that are native to our area, which are kept mostly in check by natural predators and parasites, the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug has no natural enemies here. It also prefers to spend the winter indoors, where it causes no harm to people or houses but can be a serious nuisance, according to N.C. State University researchers.

With this knowledge, researchers are concerned about what effects they may have on crops in addition to just being a nuisance. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is known as a serious pest of fruit, vegetables and farm crops in the Mid-Atlantic region and it is probable that it will become a pest of these commodities in other areas in the United States.

Researchers at N.C. State University are concerned about the stink bug’s arrival because it could potentially have huge impacts on the state’s agricultural crops.

In states where the insect has become established, such as northern Virginia, eastern West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and south central Pennsylvania, some farmers in 2010 lost more than half of their crops. Apples, peaches, tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn, berries and soybeans are all vulnerable. “These are all important crops in western North Carolina, so the economic impact could be huge,” said Jim Walgenbach, a researcher at N.C. State University’s Mountain Horticultural Crops Research & Extension Center, in Mills River.

Even though the bug is considered an agricultural pest, if it comes inside the home, which they like to do, it becomes a home pest too.

Patty Allman of Envirosafe/HomeSpectors said she has received numerous calls this fall from Gaston, Mecklenburg, and York County homeowners who are curious about the number of stink bugs they are seeing.

“The problem is they numbers,” says Jarrod Goforth of Envirosafe HomeSpectors. “We recommed pest proofing and caulking the home and make sure there are no holes in the eves”. In severe cases Goforth recommends a treatment of the exterior of the home with a repellent wettable powder. Patty Allman added, “we always recommend vacuuming them up and making sure to empty the bag as soon as possible to avoid an odor.” s

Goforth said they are normally gone by December, but that depends on the weather. Additionally, Envirosafe – HomeSpectors gets bombarded with mice, boxelder bugs, spiders, kudzu bugs, and other pests in the fall when they try to find harborage indoors as the fall temperatures drop.

“The biggest concern is for this pest is with vegetable and fruit growers, but obviously it’s unfortunate for home owners too,” said Jarrod Goforth.

Call Envirosafe HomeSpectors to get set up on a preventative quarterly pest control program.




HomeSpectors/ Envirosafe termite and pest control will be adding accuspray professional sprayers to our arsenal of pest control weapons. With this new technology, our technicians will be able to provide a more precise indoor treatment when performing our 3 zone pest treatment. Each canister holds 16 ounces and we will be using the very best materials on the market in targeted areas to continue to provide pest control services that are safe for your home, family and pets. We are committed to a green integrated pest management program for Charlotte North Carolina and this new system is just another green pest management tool for us to use.

Charlotte Pest Control

Our pest control technician found this black widow spider in a rodent station in Charlotte North Carolina. Rodent bait stations designed to control mice, and rats, can become a secondary hazard because of black widow spider and even copperhead snakes. These boxes provide perfect harborage for all types of spider and small snakes in North Carolina. Gloves are recommended along with caution when checking these traps. Additonally sometimes pest control may be required in or around the stations to keep other pests like snails and fireants from destroying the rodent bait.



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