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many of brown winged termite on floor

After the flood waters receded in greater Orlando, we were left with a plethora of Water Bugs (American Cockroaches) which were forced out of City drains and looking for new places to infest. It’s officially fall now in Central Florida. Not typically the time of year panicked home and business owners call a pest control exterminator with reports of swarming termites. Termites typically swarm in February and March in here in Central Florida. However, nothing has been normal in recent weeks for Orlando residents. Added to the hardships caused by Hurricane Irma are dozens of Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando customers calling in with reports of finding swarming termites by the hundreds in and around their Orlando homes. As most are already aware, Termites cost Florida homeowners millions of dollars in damages each year. We at Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando are not really sure why this fall termite swarming phenomenon has occurred this time of year but we suspect the hurricane and flooding it brought to our area somehow changed the environmental conditions to mimic the triggers that they swarm to in February and March. Spring swarming typically occurs on a warm sunny evening following rain showers.  Seeing termite swarmers means there is a colony in our around your home. They are often the first indicator of an infestation and a warning sign that should be taken seriously. If you see anything resembling “ants with wings”, this fall, it could be swarming termites. Call our office immediately at 407-580-7124.


How to tell the difference between flying ants and Termites?


Many of our customers at Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando make the mistake of misidentifying termites for flying ants. And, this a mistake that is very easy to make.  Dayton Rogers or Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando suggests you look very closely at the specimen. “Termites does not have distinct body parts”, said Rogers. “Termites have a wide waist, whereas ants have a pinched waist”. Other differences are Termites have straight antennae whereas ants have elbowed antennae.  


Rogers also says Termites are attracted to lights. Also, if you spot insect wings in your window sills, it is likely termites. Termite swarmers lose their wings and they break off relatively quickly.


If you suspect you may have termites, call Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando to do the termite inspection.

Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando can monitor and protect your home year around. We specialize in Termite Treatments and can recommend the best Termite Control options available for your home or business situation. Feel free to call our office to learn more.

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